RhapsOGL 2.6

What is RhapsOGL?

RhapsOGL is a visual plug-in for iTunes. It was the first plug-in developed for iTunes on MacOSX back in Spring 2001. It shows several 3D abstract shapes and backgrounds and supports textures. You can customize your textures with your own photos via preferences.

What's new in last release?

Now, the new version 2.6 is a Universal Binary (PowerPC + Intel). So RhapsOGL is one of the very first iTunes plug-ins to be available for Mac Intel.
Note : RhapsOGL is now an open source GPL project. You can participate to its development on SourceForge and Subversion with this link : https://sourceforge.net/projects/rhapsogl/


MacOS version 10.3.9
QuickTime version 6.4
iTunes version 4.5
Processor PowerPC G3 or Intel processor
Memory 256Mb